About the Film

Piran – Pirano tells a story about three individuals and how their destinies are unusually intertwined. An Italian Antonio, a Bosnian Veljko and a Slovenia girl Anica face the terror of war as children and each of them become war’s victim in their own way. Half a century later their paths cross again and last days of war, fear, despair, love and inexplicable emotions live up again – this time because Antonio returns to Piran to see his place of birth once again before he dies.
Film’s Message


Piran – Pirano
The film is set in a town with two names, with Slovenian one and Italian one. In a town where in a house two old men run into each other. Two men who were once joined because of the love for one girl and then separated by everything that separated people during World War II in those places: languages, ideologies (fascism, communism), and affiliation to different fighting sides (aggressors or partisans). It was because of love for the same girl that the young partisan could not shoot the young Italian, and it was for the same reason that they parted while running away from partisans. As old men they meet again, but they still do not understand each other, now only because they speak different languages. Recalling memories helps both of the men realize that this house, in which the Italian lived as a child and was banished from, and in which the partisan found his second home, actually does not belong to either of them. It is only a house of their many memories, reminding them the only thing left for them is to find “a place of rest “. Nevertheless, this is not so much a film of nostalgic past, but so much more about fundamental question: How to die in peace?

Zdenko Vrdlovec